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Short Dramatic Films

Yard Sale


Andrew Huggins/Donna Whitmore-Sexton, Directors - USA       


In the 1800’s, “romage sales” began in US shipyards to sell unclaimed cargo. Over time, “romage sales” became “rummage sales” and eventually “yard sales”. YARD SALE – A chorus of life’s memories .

Saturday, Oct 12 5:00pm Upstairs Artspace

In Colors


Stephanie Willis, Director - USA        


Lauris, a Latina immigrant adjusting to life in an Arizona border town with her new husband Noah, finds her values tested when Julieta, a young, undocumented immigrant on the run, seeks shelter on their property. Will Lauris do what she believes is right and help Julieta? Or will she choose self-preservation?

Sunday, Oct 13 2:30 Upstairs Artspace



Rob Comeau, Director - Canada    


In a world where everyone wears masks to hide their true selves, a woman must choose to reveal herself to her boyfriend.

Saturday Oct 12, 3:00pm Upstairs Artspace



Geoffrey Gunn, Director - USA

After a falling out with his granddaughter, a grandfather tries to reconnect with her via video message.

Saturday Oct 12 2:30pm Upstairs Artspace

Rise from the Tide (2019)


XU Mingsheng, Director - Hong Kong  


The story takes place in a small village in China, Guangdong, 2005. Hua Xi, a girl who is left behind in the village with her grandpa by her parents who have moved to the city, has always been looking for a chance to get away from her grandpa and go to the city for good. In the conversation between Uncle Chen and the grandpa, Hua Xi learns that the volunteer education team from the city will take the best students of the ballet class to the city for a tour. She tries every way to practice ballet herself hoping that one day she can save enough money to get herself into the ballet class. One day in the swimming class, Hua Xi accidentally discovers that in the water she can easily stand on her toes and practice dancing with the buoyancy……

Sunday Oct 13 1:00 Upstairs Artspace



Trey Riley, Director - USA     


When a non-traditional family is torn apart by a tragic event, they are forced to navigate the painful realities that rise to the surface.

Saturday Oct12 2:00pm Carri Bass Studio

Two Peas In A Pod


Collins Abbott White, Director - USA       


After an accident, an estranged family must reunite and reconcile to find a way forward.

How do you make the right decision for someone else's life? Is there even such a thing? Patrick and Lori​
struggle to do just this for the most important person in​ their lives. They soon discover that while life pulls us apart, love brings us back together.

Sunday, Oct 13, 4:30 Tryon Theater

I'm Not My Body


Nima Akbarpour, Director - UK        


The story is about an immigrant Iranian news anchor who works for a Persian TV channel.
He's trying to restart and build a new life but Iranian state hackers do not leave him and try to hack his smartphone to have access to camera.
His nude pictures going viral on social media and he is trying to remove them.
His online privacy has been invaded and this is destroying his credibility

Sunday Oct 13 4:00pm Upstairs Artspace

The Early Inauguration


Joseph Alexandre, Director - USA  


In the peculiar 6 week period between when he's won the election but before he takes actual office, the President elect is making a thank you speech to his donor base in LA, and raising money for the DNC of course. Under the auspices of a National security issue in Pakistan, POTUS is led to a quick briefing on the 'situation'. However, he quickly discovers the two gentlemen awaiting him, both former NSA operatives now in the private sector, representing the aforementioned 'powers that be', have slightly different ideas. Will Liebman's Presidency be hijacked before he even takes office?

Under The Blade


Javid Farahani, Director - Iran, Islamic Republic of  


The story of a woman director who wants to make her film but as there is a rape scene in her script and there are social and religious red lines no actress is willing to play the role in her film just because they're afraid they might get into trouble by law and this is the beginning of the story.
... ...attention...attention... ...
Mehr / Mehriyeh (alimony)
In Islam, Mehr has a money to marry a woman. Which is determined before marriage.
And the woman determines it around.
And the man is obligated to pay the property when the separation is made, otherwise the prison will be included.

Sunday Oct 13 4:00 Tryon Fine Arts Center (Mahler Room)

parvaz mahiha 

(Flying Fishes)

Mohammad Towrivarian, Director - Iran, Islamic Republic of  


The new teacher in the village understood that one of his student who is the only girl in the class
don't talk and a cigarette burn is visible in her hand.

Saturday Oct 12 4:00 Tryon Fine Arts Center (Mahler Room)

The Snail


Mohammad Torivarian, Director - Iran, Islamic Republic of 

Three young Iranian boys along with a smuggler are clandestinely smuggling across the Iran-Turkey border. The smuggler only passes masculines through the border. In the middle of the way, he suddenly realizes that one of the passengers is hermaphrodite.

Sunday Oct 13 2:30pm Carri Bass Studio

Six Home


Ebad Adibpour, Director - Iran, Islamic Republic of 


Many girls are playing and ...
The cause of the film:
I am the child of my war. It's always a concern for children who unconsciously come into play with older adults who are incompletely enlarged. This pain has always been with me. These children are going to follow their path to the world they like but can they choose the route? Do our children know or can they make their own path?

Sunday Oct 13, 2:00pm Carri Bass Studio



Phyllis Jackson, Director - USA      


He’s just your average, middle-aged divorcee looking for his first fix. Today he meets Molly.

Saturday Oct 12, 4:30 Upstairs Artspace

Passive Aggressive Dads


Jim Picariello, Director - USA     


Two middle-aged dads just want to spend a quiet day with their daughters at the park. But when an obnoxious group of teens drive by, too fast and too loud, it spurs these aging, disgruntled dads into a self-righteous act of passive-aggression.

Rolling In The Deep


Marcellus Cox, Director - USA    


An Award-Winning Drama Inspired By True Events about a Young African American Male who travels home to South Carolina looking to achieve a goal for his late Father by having a meal at an locally famous Whites Only Diner.

Saturday Oct 12 3:00pm Carri Bass Studio

The Rabbit


Svetlana Noskova (Lana Vlady), Director - Italy    


In sprint competitions Aisha is always the winner, but when it comes to real life and her best friend Maria, she involuntarily plays the role of the rabbit, a runner who pushes the speed of the other athletes to a better time, forcing Maria to set a new pace of life in her own identity and in the harsh relationship with her mother.

Saturday Oct 12 12:30 Carrie Bass Studio

Portrait of a Woman at Dawn


Cullen Douglas, Director - USA  


A #MeToo inspired story. The put-upon wife of a charismatic art dealer in 1920's Paris witnesses the empowering and intoxicating love of a gifted artist and his bewitching muse.

A Boy a Man and a Kite


Adam Matalon, Director - UK  


A dying man contemplates his younger self as he floats in the blackness of a coma, coming to terms with the sexual abuse he suffered as a child. The boy’s parents seem oblivious as he struggles with his guilt and shame at a new school where he feels left out until his housemaster makes a move.

The film explores themes of love, child sexual abuse and redemption. in an abstract evocative telling of a story based on a real court case. At a time when voices deserve to be heard, this long hidden true story comes to light.

Saturday Oct 12 4:30 Tryon Depot



Giulia Achenza, Director - Italy  


“Existential states that go beyond the most incredible conjectures”

Inspired by Don De Lillo’s novella Body Art, Olympia tells the story of a body artist and her director husband. Starting their life together as a married couple in their new home, everything carries on as normal until the day Olympia receives tragic news about her husband. This leads her to an unexpected journey into herself, which will result in the creation of her greatest work as an artist, but also in losing part of herself.

Saturday Oct12 4:00pm Tryon Depot

Burying Mitchell


Sam Williamson, Director - USA  


Having loved and lost the same man, two women meet at the funeral of their ex-husband for the first time to settle a $1M life insurance policy. Working together they put their past in the ground once and for all

Saturday Oct 12 3:00 Tryon Depot



Neil P George, Director - Korea, Republic of  


'Family' is a story about a young family who escaped the war in Yemen in search of a safer place to live.
Leaving Yemen was a tough decision but the father was left with little choice due to the raging war.
His family are the most important thing to him and allowing them to live free and safe is the highest priority. His love came above everything and he wanted to provide them with a future not currently possible in his home country.
When they arrived the Korean people had taken to the streets in protest of the Yemeni refugees wanting them removed from the country without thought nor understanding of what was happening in Yemen.
Throughout the film, we listen to his thoughts, as he shares his feelings about the war and why he left with his family. Has his search for a safe place ended, or will there be more difficulties ahead...?

Saturday Oct 12 12:00 Carri Bass Studio

37 Ghosts


Collins Abbott White, Director - USA


A hired gun, haunted by the ghosts of his past kills, and struggling with guilt, goes on his final hit.

Why do I so often do the things I hate? Harvey knows what he is doing is wrong. He tries every day to find forgiveness. Father Andrew grows weary of the hours he spends hearing Harvey talk around the problem without actually confessing what he has done. Harvey is a hit man who wants another job. The problem is, he can’t get away from the ghosts. Every one, all 36 victims, show up at various, inconvenient times to jibe at him. They are beginning to throw him off his game and distract him from the job at hand. All of them, that is, except the first one. Angelica wasn’t the target, her father was. She got in the way, and now Harvey can’t sleep —her face is always there, her voice in his head. She says she forgives him. Why can’t that be enough?

Harvey decides to quit playing the game and get out of the business. The Boss said he could leave any time. His wife is begging him to take her on a long vacation, and he almost has enough to visit Venice. Just one more time, and he will be home free. He promises. A dark night, a single shot to the chest of the victim, collect the cash and take off. It would be simple, if the Ghosts would just leave him alone.

Saturday Oct 12 1:00pm Upstairs Artspace



Neil P George, Director - Korea, Republic of


Passion is a story about a young kickboxer, Ahmed and what drives him to do the sport he loves, his fight to raise more awareness and try to bring peace back to his home country of Yemen.
After spending time in jail for not wanting to fight in the war, he fled Yemen in 2018 in order to avoid a raging civil war that has now killed thousands and left millions displaced and on the brink of the worlds worst famine in the 21st century.
We listen to his thoughts for his future and how he feels about his current situation since arriving on Jeju, South Korea.
When he arrived the Korean people had taken to the streets in protest about him and his fellow Yemeni refugees wanting them removed from the country without thought nor understanding of what was happening in Yemen.
This film shares Ahmed's thoughts about the war in Yemen as well as his wishes for the future.

Saturday Oct 12 1:30 Tryon Depot



Neil P George, Director - Korea, Republic of


In life, we all often hope for the simplest of things. A home, a job, money, perhaps a car and of course love. These things are not considered to be a luxury to us and we often take them for granted.
Hope is based on a true story about Ali, a young Yemeni man who is searching his way through life after leaving Yemen due to the civil war and trying to find his path, his hopes, and his dreams.
After leaving Yemen he found himself lost, with nowhere to call home and after several years landed on Jeju, a small island off the coast of South Korea.
He only has one real hope, to help others, especially the people of his home country. But, unable to return, he now struggles to find these things we often take for granted, especially, a place to call home.
Once again he must start his journey looking towards a brighter future.
This film shares Ali's thoughts and wishes for the future.

Saturday Oct 12 1:00pm Tryon Depot



Mahdi Ghorbani, Director - Iran, Islamic Republic of


Once, when Shiva went home, she found a weird envelope of her sister which contain the sentence: “Do not follow my way" and after a moment she will find her sister while she hanged herself.
Shiva that is naive, innocent and conservative is shocked of her sister’s suicide and when she will find her family in the verge of smash up she is looking for the secret of her sister’s suicide and tries to follow the different clues to find out the reason of her suicide.
She went to the two friends of her sister and then she will found the diary of her sister and begin to read it. She follows the clues of Nasrin's diary which was about the society and specially her work environment.
At first, she thought that her sister commit a suicide cause of financial problems and the family. But when she kept looking and seeking into the companies that she used to work everything will appear after a while. At first, she has been rejected. Then she will come to play an act and make herself more beautiful to have allowance to enter the companies which her sister used to work.
Although, she was a girl that resist in front of all the family pressure and force to obey their rules. But now she understood what society want and force her to do that, to be alive, to survive and to be one of those so called successful people.
She keeps going forward till un the next company she will be open to the facts and realities, and finally she will lose the borders between her act and her true one.
She gets that her sister was under sexual abuse and persecution and so is for her to have her job.
Now, she is in a dilemma which cause her a great breakdown.
She don’t want to return to her past situation and on the contrary now she knew what actually society wants. Now that she is living under the shadow of her sister's suicide and society force, she find herself in a dilemma which cause her a great breakdown.

Sunday Oct 13 4:00pm Carri Bass Studio

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