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Summer 2024 Internships

More information coming soon!

Winter/Spring 2024 Paid Internships for Polk County Residents


Internship Type: Paid four-week remote or hybrid internship during the 2024 spring semester with the Polk County Film Initiative (PCFI). Funding for the internships described below is provided by a grant from The Community Foundation of Western NC.

Intern Pay: $500.00 to be paid in two increments based on submitted logs of tasks completed.

Application Deadline: March 15, 2024

Work Location: Remote/online or hybrid (flexible based on task). If transportation is used to fulfill duties, a gift card for gas may be provided to support transportation during the internship period.

Schedule: Flexible schedule based on activities and coordination with intern & PCFI.

Applicant Requirements:

  • Current student in good standing attending a college or university in Western NC (second year community college student or Sophomore or higher-level university student)

  • Majoring or studying in a program listed below.

  • Responsible & organized to complete tasks on time.

  • Creative thinker

  • Good communicator (remotely, in person and in writing)

  • Working on a computer with Microsoft Office & reliable internet access

  • Proficient in computer software applicable to position

Employer Overview: Polk County Film Initiative’s (PCFI) is a nonprofit organization founded in 2013, based in Tryon, NC serving as the catalyst for the development of media arts in the region. PCFI’s Media Arts on the Move project will broaden the organization’s goals of expanding opportunities for middle, high school and college students to build the next generation of media arts professionals and entrepreneurs in Western NC and the surrounding region.

Internship Overview: Interns will work alongside PCFI’s experienced Executive Director and Education Director who are seasoned in supporting interns fulfill internship requirements and their goals.

Three, 4-week remote or hybrid internships (one per student) before May 15, 2024.

  1. Digital Cinema/Time Based Media/ Film & Television Production–develop two short film reels about the 10th year of the film festival (TRIFF24)

  2. Journalism – develop a podcast about digital cinema/ filmmaking in Western NC including TRIFF’s history & future plans.

  3. Graphic Design – develop three graphics for use on the TRIFF website & social media.

Internship Objectives: During the internships, participants will

  • Increase their understanding of film festival development and administration.

  • Advance film production resources & opportunities in WNC

  • Build their portfolio with credit on materials for contributions to publications & web-based research as PCFI develops “Camera-Ready Region” assets to support film production and media arts in Western North Carolina.

Payment Dates: Two installments at mid-point and within one week upon completion via US Postal Mail to address provided by Intern.

How to Apply: Submit a completed application via email to with the email message subject line: Spring 2024 Internship Application

Interviews: Remote interviews will occur within two weeks of the application.


Learn more about PCFI & TRIFF at

Questions? Email

For Residents Outside of Polk County

PCFI offers college and early college student internships in partnerships with NC & SC homeschool groups, high schools, colleges & universities to support students in advancing their experience and knowledge of media arts. Interested? Email this form to to share your interests.

We will be back in touch with you within two weeks to set up a phone call to learn more.

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